WIZ Wizmote Infrared Remote Control Gen II

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WIZ Wizmote Infrared Remote Control Gen II

The Wizmote allows you to have speedy and simple Regulation of your WiZ lights.

Control Activity

Works with all WiZ Connected items and controls all lights in a room. Broad regulation of up to 15 meters and erection in any incident, when Wi-Fi is below.

Quick Access

With an ordinary light, controlling the lights is basic. You flip the switch up to turn them on and down to turn them off. They quickly turn on and off. We as a whole know this. With savvy lights, something very similar occurs, you can in any case flip the change to turn them on and off. You can likewise utilize the cell phone application, Google Assistant, Bixby, SmartThings, NFC labels through Siri mechanization, and more to control the lights.

Smart Light

In any case, every one of these approaches to control the lights adds another layer to them which genuinely causes them to feel badly arranged now and again. This isn't simply discussing WiZ lights, which are totally astonishing, however shrewd lights all in all. There are simply such a large number of approaches to control the lights forthright at which I wound up returning to flipping the switch. 

Shading Alternatives

The cool thing about the WiZ keen lights is the shading alternatives. These tones are amusing to simply trade and have indiscriminately colors