Aqara Smart Door Lock N100 Zigbee Edition

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The Aqara Smart Door Lock N100 is a smart door lock that supports fingerprint, password, NFC, key or HomeKit to unlock a door. It also supports features like door lock status detection, low power alert, prying lock alarm, anti-peephole unlocking, and multiple fingerprint errors alarm. It can also enable the away mode with one button to realize the automation interactions among several smart devices.

Selling Points:
Security: The Aqara N100 was developed to provide maximum security by incorporating multiple security features:
Damage sensor: Immediate notifications in case of tampering with the front panel.
Auto-lock: Automatically locks in a short time after the door is closed.
Anti-peephole break in design: Intruders cannot open the door by just pressing the handle from inside.
Master lock knob: In the case of locking, the door can only be opened by the administrator's fingerprint and password.
Electromagnetic protection: The hardware is resistant to Tesla coil attacks.
3 independent bolt sensors: Monitors door, main, and assistant bolt status.
Secure interconnection: Encrypted connection between rear and front panels.
Anti-peep password: Input random symbols along with the 6-digit password for more privacy.
High-Quality Design and Materials: Frame and handle are made of anodized aluminum and provide a superior feeling and extra durability.
Ergonomic Fingerprint Reader: The fingerprint reader is embedded in the handle and reacts instantaneously.
Doorbell Function and Logs: Pressing a dedicated doorbell button will trigger the ringtone on any of your Aqara Hubs and alert you even if you are far away.
Zigbee 3.0 Support: Compared to the original Aqara N100, the N100 Zigbee Edition supports Zigbee 3.0, the fastest, most stable, and energy-efficient smart home technology as well as Bluetooth.
Works with Apple HomeKit: Has a built-in Apple security chip and supports the best smart home ecosystem for Apple devices.
Extra Long Battery Life: Typically, the 8 AA-type batteries will last for more than 1.5 years. 
Mechanical Key and Type-C Port: Even if the batteries run out, you can still open the Aqara N100 Zigbee Edition Lock by using a mechanical key or by charging it via the hidden Type-C port.
Configurable Automations: The lock will record who opened it and by what method it was unlocked. You will be able to configure automations based on who has arrived home.