Nuki Keypad

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Nuki Keypad

The Nuki Keypad is the perfect extension for the Nuki Smart Lock and allows access via 6-digit access code. The keypad is therefore optimal for people without their own smartphone.

The keypad is mounted on the outside of your front door by gluing it to the door frame or screwing it to the house wall. Within a few minutes, the keypad can be set up and used by anyone. Powered by two button cells, there are no wires or cables to connect.
The keypad can be used with any Nuki Smart Lock. The Keypad is managed via the Nuki App. With the Nuki Bridge you can assign the 6-digit access codes on the go.

Each keypad can store up to 100 different access codes at the same time. You decide which permissions each user gets. Thanks to the locking protocol in the Nuki app you can always keep track of who enters your home and when.
Like the whole product family, the keypad was designed by EOOS. The digits are phosphorescent and guarantee optimal operability even at night. The LED bar signals the successful input and locking process.

Key specifications

Smart Lock Type
Smart Lock
Transmission type
Bluetooth Low Energy