Naran Prota S The Personal Server & Smart Hub - MicroBots

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Prota S: The Thinnest Smart Hub for Automating Homes and Offices
Use the hub to connect smart devices and MicroBots together. Install and run apps for productivity and entertainment, automate workflows.

Impeccably Designed - Sticky Note Size!
Despite its small size, Prota S has the power to connect all the smart devices and apps you need! Powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor, Prota S can simultaneously automate workflows of multiple smart devices and apps, as well as cloud applications.

Put it anywhere, on your desk, TV cabinet, or even on the floor. Prota S keeps a low profile without sacrificing its elegance.

External ports make it possible to connect wired Sidekicks to Prota and even turn it into a wireless display enabler for your TV / projector via the HDMI port.

• 1x Micro-HDMI.
• 1x External Micro-USB.
• 1x Micro-USB Power.

Prota S Designed for Prota OS: Handy Beyond Home Automation
You can operate MicroBots, control lights, monitor security cameras, and integrate all your things with third party apps.

• Runs the optimized version of Prota OS.
• Operates third party Apps.
• Compatible with various connected Smart Devices.
• Extends MicroBots' Capabilities.
• Includes 1-year free Prota Membership.*Features• Prota OS Agatha.
• Stories automation engine.
• Open source apps via App Library.
• Cloud Access Service.
• 64-bit quad-core processor.
• 1GB DDR3 RAM with 8GB built-in flash storage.
• WiFi 802.11 b/g/n & Bluetooth 4.0.
• 1x micro-HDMI 1.4 port, 1x micro-USB 2.0 port.
• Compatible with Android & iOS-based devices.
• Input Power 5V — 2A via Micro-USB port.
• Dimensions: 76 mm x 5.6 x 76 mm

• 1x Prota S.
• 1x Power cable.
• 1x Power adapter.