Nuki Bridge 3.0

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Nuki Bridge 3.0

The Nuki Bridge lets you access your Nuki devices remotely. Control your door online and keep track of your Smart Home at all times with the Nuki app.


Control your Smart Lock and Opener remotely online

Remote unlock

Open for a handyman, dog sitter or deliveries, even if you are not at home.

24/7 control

Stay in perfect control of who came or left home while you’re at work or on holiday.

Smart Home Integration

Connect your Nuki with other Smart Home services to make your life more convenient.


Open the door to your smart lifestyle

The Nuki Bridge delivers full access to your Smart Lock – wherever you are: Want to check if your kids have arrived home safely? Or open your door remotely? With the Nuki Bridge, you always have a sense of security. You can conveniently lock and unlock your door from a distance