Fibaro Flood Sensor

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Fibaro Flood Sensor

FIBARO Flood Sensor is a universal Z-Wave water/temperature sensor and works on a battery or external 12/24V voltage. Designed for indoors and outdoors, this sensor records the temperature and detects the presence of water. The sensor gives a signal with which other components can be switched on or a notification can be given for imminent danger.

The sensor also has an acoustic alarm, floats on the water and also has a tilt sensor so you know when the sensor has been moved. The LED gives you more information about the Z-wave network.

Perfectly designed

The FIBARO Flood Sensor is a perfect dance between art and design - beautiful and harmonious in every little detail. Just like in other FIBARO devices, the perfect form is equipped with the most advanced technology.


The FIBARO Flood Sensor is much more than just a leak sensor. Its design combines several useful features which ensure safety and the comfort of use.

Works with HomeKit

We have created a special series of the FIBARO Flood Sensors which work with Apple HomeKit. The devices possess all the features of the standard sensors which are intended for use in the FIBARO System.

Smart notifications

The system will immediately inform you about any detected leaks or attempts at tampering by sending a notification to your smartphone.

Closes off the water supply after detecting a leak

After detecting a leak the system equipped with electrovalves will close off the water supply to minimize any damage caused by the failure. Wherever you may be, this foolproof device will keep your home safe.(Flood Sensor:LEAK DETECTED), (Water valve:CLOSE)

Always vigilant

The dimensions of the FIBARO Flood Sensor allow for convenient placement almost anywhere. If you prefer to keep the sensor hidden, you can keep the house safe and the device invisible at the same time.

Smart Security

The smart system can identify potential threats, including smaller leaks. Use the tremendous capabilities of the FIBARO system together with the functionality of the FIBARO Flood Sensor to achieve a level of home security that you have never experienced before.

In harmony with floor heating

A built-in temperature measurement tool allows the FIBARO Flood Sensor to control the floor heating. Place it directly on the surface to measure its warmth. The FIBARO Flood Sensor will forward the information to the system, which will in turn immediately adjust the temperature to your needs.(TEMPERATURE:20,5°C)

Choose your own

We have created two variants/series of the FIBARO Flood Sensor - one for the FIBARO system and one for Apple HomeKit. If you own the FIBARO system or a different one based on Z-Wave, choose a device that is compatible with that technology. If you are looking for a device which works with Apple HomeKit, choose the appropriate version.