Aqara Hub M1S

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Aqara Hub M1S

  • ZigBee powered smart Hub
  • Equipped with RGB light and illumination sensor
  • Control up to 128 Aqara smart home appliances easily
  • Built in powerful 2 watt speaker – use as doorbell, alarm or security system
  • Voice commands: compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Aqara home and Apple Siri
  • Works even without a stable internet connection
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy installation

The Aqara Hub M1S is a ZigBee technology powered smart bulb that lights up your home in your own way. Connect your Aqara Hub M1S with up to 128 Aqara Smart home devices to create custom automations that suit the needs of your home and family.

Fitted with an RGB light and an illumination sensor, you can also use your Aqara’s Hub M1S as an alarm clock, a doorbell, an accent light, a night light or even as a security system with custom ringtones to suit your preference.

Do not worry about interruptions even if you have an unstable or disconnected internet system as the Aqara’s Hub M1S can run local automations smoothly even in the absence if an internet connection. Rest assured with total safety of your home by integrating the Aqara’s Hub M1S with Aqara smart home safety devices including Motion Sensor, Water Leak Detector, Motion detector etc 

The Aqara’s Hub M1S is built with high quality materials and advanced design such as the large perforated base which encourages better air circulation for superior reliability and performance. The Aqara’s Hub M1S is also fitted with a 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi antenna to ensure proper, stable connection with your connected Aqara smart home devices, for uninterrupted, hassle free usage.

Installation of the Aqara’s Hub M1S is very easy and can be completed within minutes without requiring the help of a professional. You are provided with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the Aqara Hub M1S.